Welcome to my blog!


My name’s Ayanam and this is my blog where I’ll put

1.) My  music…


2.) My favourite music by other people 


3.) My photography 


4.) My favourite art by other people…

(I’ll give names where  I can find them in case you want to check out their work too…I’m all about the sharing!) 


…..the awkward moment when I don’t know who did this marvellous piece of work but it’s certainly not me


4.) …and a single poem – purely because I named the blog after it

Close your eyes and type away

Don’t let the pressure make you buckle

Just let go of everything

of every doubt and don’t be subtle.

Be offensive…Be seductive

Be the man who plants the seed.

Look up the words you’ve never used

and never thought you’d ever need.

Oh let them say you’re too direct;

A Ginsbergian agitator.

Do not write just things they like

Instead, become their educator!

Let you poems be diary entries,

Pure, emotionally-centred.

And leave the world a better place

than what it was before you entered.



If you’ve managed to get through this little mini-variety performance of a post, it should give you some idea of what to expect I hope from this blog.

I also have a poetry blog called http://azonepoetry.wordpress.com if you’re that way inclined

Cheers you lovely folk! 






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